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What is a spray-on bed liner?

Spray-on truck bed liners are a polyurethane base that is, as the name implies, sprayed onto the truck's bed.


Spraying a truck bed serves two major purposes:

First, it prevents many types of damage to the vehicle's body. Second, the spray on polyurethane creates an anti-slip surface, useful when loading or

unloading your truck.

Protect your truck bed from damage with a spray-on polyurethane truck bed liner. Let us know your specific needs and we'll make it happen.

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You have likely seen many pickup trucks with damaged truck beds. Over time, the constant loading and unloading has a tendency to create scratches, dents, and dings. Not only is this an eyesore, but it can lead to further damage.


By applying a coat of spray on polyurethane to the truck bed, you can prevent this type of damage. The bed liner provides a barrier between the vehicle's body and items you place into it, making it almost impossible to damage the truck.

Why you need a spray-on truck bed liner

Aside from the obvious ability to protect the truck's bed from damage, a spray-on polyurethane truck bed liner can also protect items placed into the bed of the pickup truck. Because of the material used for the liner, it is able to absorb much more vibration than just the steel body alone.


Spray-on bed liners can be anywhere from 1/16-inch to 4-inches thick, depending on the specific application. The resulting liner is flexible, yet is still able to maintain its shape.

Other benefits of a spray-on truck bed liner

  • Trailers

  • Utility

  • Outdoors

  • Military

  • Marine

  • Industrial

Our bed liners can be used for:

Our custom-designed bed liners have been tested under extreme conditions ranging from the Baja 1000 to the Alaskan wilderness.

We make sure to use high-quality raw materials to give the bed liners a fine grain texture that does not clump or sag on a vertical surface.


The quality of our work is so good that you'll feel the bed liners came pre-installed when you bought your vehicle. The high tensile strength of the bed liners protects your vehicle from the debris, rocks, and harsh conditions it's exposed to.


Bullet Liners spray-on bed liners form a permanent bond that conforms to every contour of your truck bed. This is a feature we pride ourselves on and something no competitor can match up to! Being resistant to moisture, rust, and corrosion helps make Bullet Liners products superior to others and works perfectly for industrial purposes, as well as extends the life of your vehicle.

Why choose Bullet Liners for your truck beds

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