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Don't forget underneath your vehicle

Often people go out of their way to protect the top and sides of a vehicle. But the underside of a car or truck is usually forgotten.


However, the underside needs protection as well. Perhaps even more than the other parts of a car.


A good undercoating can help protect the important mechanical parts of your vehicle against corrosion from water, salt,

and other harmful materials.

Give your car the protection it deserves with a solid undercoating and extend

the life of the vehicle

for many years.

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An undercoating, as the name suggests, is a coating of protective material placed on the underside of a vehicle. This helps protect the car's important parts against corrosion. This, in turn, extends the life of the vehicle, since corrosion and rust are detrimental to

proper car maintenance.


With a solid undercoating on your vehicle you can spend more time enjoying the car and less time worrying about maintenance issues and mechanical problems.

What is an undercoating?

There are many things that can cause damage to the underside of your vehicle. The most common problems, of course, are harsh chemicals on the roadways, snow, ice, and salt. Giving your car an undercoating can prevent these chemicals from corroding the metal.


Loose gravel and debris can also damage a car's underside. There is no reason not to have an undercoating placed on your car, and every reason to get one. We use ValuGuard's undercoating to protect your vehicle from corrosion and road noise.

What causes damage to the underside of a car?

Valugard_Logo new undercoating undercoating job in action dirty and rusty truck undercoating